When many senior citizens decide that it is time to get their dream home and retire to a community in which they are going to feel right at home, they often look at golf courses. These areas have some beautiful homes that for the golf lover, it can be a dream come true. However, before you sign the contract on your new home that is located on a golf course, you need to take into consideration the negatives of living on a golf course.

1. Shattered Windows and Shattered Peace

Golf ball going into broken window

When most seniors visualize themselves living on a golf course they are going to imagine seeing a peaceful setting, random golfers enjoying the warm days and the like. However, this is shattered when a golf ball comes crashing through their window. Those who live on a golf course can almost be guaranteed to replace a window a few times throughout the year. In some cases, they may replace the windshield of their car if it is parked in the driveway or have to have a bit of body work done on their vehicle as random golf balls hit their home and cars.

2. Quiet…Think Again

Though golfing is not a sport that is known for its loudness, a person needs to take into consideration the amount of work that goes on a golf course. During the mornings, a person can expected to be woke up by lawn mowers who are keeping the lovely view at the right length. This may not bother some people, but they should also consider the loudness of the players. When a player misses a shot, it is not unheard of to hear some loud cursing come from the green.

3. The Water View Could be Dangerous

Most golf courses have some sort of water on them, such as a pond or the like. They are beautiful, that much is sure. However, for many people this can be dangerous. Around stagnant water mosquito’s love to be, thus expect to have the bug repellent ready when you are outdoors. For those who are moving to the south, the stagnant water could also become home to alligators, which can pose a whole new threat to the person.

4. Trespassers

Though your home is your property, when a golfer hits into your yard, they will come to retrieve your ball. This can be very annoying for many people as they never know when a complete stranger is going to be standing outside of their window looking for their lost ball. It can also mean having to deal with trash and litter since your property is so close to the green.

Two golfers teeing off for a round of golf on a nice course

For those who are considering a home on the golf course, be prepared that your idea of heaven may not be as you had hoped. There are several seniors who enjoy this lifestyle, especially those who want to be on the green each day. However, many people find that this is a home that they had wished they had researched a bit more before buying.