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When a senior gets to the point that they are ready to retire and they are looking to move, they are going to find that some states are better for retirement than others. The reasons for a state being better to retire in than others may be due to the tax rates, the climate, the types of options the senior will have while living here, and the state may simply be more senior friendly in terms of travel and cost of living. In addition to these aspects, a senior also needs to take into consideration the crime rate in the area. The higher the crime rate,the more the senior may be at an increased chance of having something happen since many crimes target senior citizens specifically.

The top states for retiring are surprising to many people. Not surprising is the fact that Hawaii is often seen as the perfect place to retire. The cost of living is relatively high here, but the climate is amazing, and the crime rate is relatively low. Those who move to Hawaii often move here after vacationing here or they simply want to live in a tropical area that is still considered the United States.

Florida is often seen as the senior citizen state when looking at where people retire. There are numerous senior centers in the state that are offering things that many other states simply do not have. In addition, the climate is relatively great throughout the year, and the life expectancy for those who live here is relatively high. For those who want to avoid Florida, New Mexico is being seen as the equivalent of Florida thanks to the weather it offers.

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For those who are wanting to move to a state with a low crime rate, they are going to find that Idaho and South Dakota are the two top states for this according to the AARP. Idaho has a good economy, meaning that the senior may be able to find part time work, while South Dakota offers a higher life expectancy rate.

If you are wanting to move to an area that is going to offer a good and solid economy, then consider Texas that has a very strong economy, and seems to always do well even when other states are in recession. In addition, Virginia often seems to have a good economy through the hard times.

Other states that people are quick to bring up when talking about retirement is Colorado, as there is a higher life expectancy here than when compared to other states. They also mention California since it has a good economy and also offers a higher life expectancy.

If you do decide to move to a new state, be sure that you are considering all that it has to offer you. You will want to also ensure that you like the area, so it is recommended that you vacation here for a few times to ensure that this is an area that you will feel comfortable in.