Proud senior citizen graduating from college while her husband embraces her

No one is ever too old to learn more information. For seniors who are now retiring and are looking for a way to fill their time, they are going to find that going back to college may be a great way to spend their time, while also learning a valuable skill or two. They can then take this new education and apply it to a new job, or simply have the peace of mind knowing that they have bettered themselves with the knowledge they have gained. The good news is that if you do decide to go to college, you do not have to pay for this on your own as there are several scholarships available for senior citizens to choose from when wanting to attend school.

There are a few things to keep in mind about going back to college at the age in which you are considered a senior citizen:

  • Some universities and colleges allow seniors who are sixty years old and over go to classes for free and basically attend the classes for learning. However, they may not be able to receive a degree.
  • Many universities will greatly discount the tuition if you are over the age of sixty to allow you to attend the school of your choice.

With either of these options, you are going to have to figure out if this is available at the school you have chose or not. With this information aside, there are still many scholarship opportunities for seniors who are looking to go back to college.

  1. AARP

    The AARP offers scholarships to seniors who are over the age of forty-five and can prove that they have the financial need for this money. These are typically for just one year of school, yet the person can reapply for the following years. In addition, there may be conditions to be met such as getting a certain degree or the like.

  2. Scholarships from the School

    Every school sets aside money to offer scholarships to students who prove they need this and they deserve this. You will have to compete for the money, but seniors are just as welcomed to apply for this type of scholarship just as any young student entering into the college.

  3. State Scholarships

    Individual states have money set aside to help a person go to college, and these are open to any student who will be attending a college within the state. Seniors are encouraged to try out for these scholarships as well.

Aside from scholarships, the person will want to check into grants as well. These grants are offered on the state and federal levels and meant to help those who are eager to go to college but may need some financial assistance in order to do this. The key to going to college as a senior citizen is to look at all the possible financial help options you have and to try out for whatever you can qualify for. Be sure that you are staying on top of this through talking with a financial adviser at the college you are looking to attend.