Osteoporosis graphic of a man spelled out with words

Osteoporosis is something that most senior citizens worry about as they get older. There are many things a person can do in order to combat this disease that can riddle a person to the point in which they are incapable of walking or doing anything physical without pain. When a person suffers from osteoporosis, there are tiny holes in their bones that cause the density of the bone to become less. This affects both men and women, though more women are affected due to going through hormonal changes that can make the bones weaker. With this all being said, there are exercises in which people can do in order to ward off osteoporosis and allow a senior citizen to feel healthier and younger.

When looking at exercises that are meant to help a person prevent osteoporosis, the main type of exercise that doctors and physical therapists recommend is weight bearing type of exercises. These are exercises that work the muscles and tendons, rubbing against the and encouraging the body to produce more bone cells to repair any and all damage. Thus, with these types of exercises, if any hole were to appear due to the onset of osteoporosis, the person’s own body would repair this.

The type of exercises that a person can do are:

  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Weight lifting
Shows progression of a woman battling osteoporosis over time

There are several pieces of gym equipment that is going to be useful for seniors who are looking into weight lifting as their exercise of choice. The person does not have to lift a ton of weight, just a few extra pounds is going to give them the type of resistance that is going to be helpful to improve their body. In addition, combining an aerobic activity such as walking, though not as helpful as jogging, while also adding in the dumb bells is going to be a great work out. The senior should get creative with what they do, for example playing some type of sport such as racketball can be a great way to have fun while also getting fit.

A healthy bone and bones with osteoporosis

It is important that seniors remain fit and active during these years as this is when their bones are going to be suffering from the effects of osteoporosis. If they do all that they can do now in order to keep their bones in the proper shape, they will be grateful for this years down the line. There are many seniors who have the idea that any type of exercise they do is going to help prevent osteoporosis, however, studies have found that activities such as swimming or cycling are really not helping to regenerate bone cells. This is because these activities are not really strenuous on the body. Though, this does not mean that seniors cannot enjoy these activities, they simply do not need to rely on these as their sole way of combating the onset of osteoporosis.

In the end, a fit and active senior is going to be dramatically decrease their chances of osteoporosis. When combining exercise with a healthy diet that is full of calcium, the senior will find that their life will be easier and healthier.