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Just because you are older does not mean that you cannot enjoy sports. Though you may not be able to enjoy full on physical sports that you once did when you are younger, there are several sports that are geared for seniors. In fact, it has been proven that senior citizens who participate in some type of sport are often happier and healthier. They are not limiting themselves based on their age, and are more than likely socializing with those that are their age, meaning that they are not getting lonely and depressed like so many other senior citizens have been known to do.

Sports to Consider

For those who are restricted based on their physical limitations, they are going to find that there are several sports that are not that physical. For example, bowling is considered a great sport for seniors as it does not involve a lot of physical activity. Yet, it is still fun and is a great way to get with others and enjoy an activity. In fact, there are several bowling leagues specifically for those who are sixty and over that meet every week to play a game or two. It can be great fun and something that a senior should definitely look into if they live near a bowling alley.

Golfing is also a great sport for a senior citizen. They are going to be able to either walk the holes, great for those who are still in great health to do this. Or they can take a golf cart to get from hole to hole, which eliminates walking. Golf is a huge sport and many senior citizens will find that they can play this sport just about anywhere. In fact, many seniors take vacations to hot spot golf courses in order to enjoy this in new places.

Also, the Wii system has several games that can allow a senior to play a sport with these, without really getting too physical. For example, sword fencing and even boxing is popular for those who are older yet want to do something. This is a great option for those who cannot leave their home or simply have nothing around their area in which they can utilize for their sporting need.

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Taking Precautions

There are several senior citizens who still play sports like football, go skiing, swim, hike and the like. However, a person needs to ensure that they are in the health to do this. This means asking your doctor about any physical restrictions that you should be taking into consideration. And even if you are cleared for playing a sport, be sure that you are utilizing any equipment that is going to prevent injury and being careful. You may be in good health, but even those younger individuals suffer injuries from some high impact sports.

If you can find a sport to play that is a team sport, you may find that this makes it even more fun since you are going to be able to laugh and get to know others that are the same age as you.