As many senior citizens age, they find that they must find alternate ways of getting around since they can no longer drive. For many seniors, it can feel as though they simply have to sit at home and cannot go anywhere as they are unsure of what they can do in order to get out. No senior should feel as though they are stuck at home and cannot go out, as this can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. He or she may start to feel depressed because they cannot get out of the house. Instead, they should look at the alternative forms of transportation that is available in their area.

Bus picking up passengers at the bus stop

City Bus

If you are able to walk, you may find that a city bus can be the best way to get to where you want to go. However, this is only advisable if the bus stop is near your home. You will find that public transportation can be quite affordable. You can buy a year long pass that is going to allow you to use the bus at any point during the year and you will get to enjoy going out without feeling as though you are a burden to others.

Take a Taxi

If your area has taxis, when you need to go somewhere you will find that these taxis can be called to your home and you can go. You can then call the taxi when ready to go home. Taxi’s can be a quite more expensive than a city bus since they are a more privatized sort of transportation.

Senior Community Transportation

Many areas that have a senior center also have a shuttle that picks up seniors to take them to local activities and the like. These shuttles run throughout the day and can take a person to the local senior center, while also helping to get them to their doctors appointments or wherever else they may need to go.

Ride with a Neighbor

If you have a neighbor who may be going to the same place as you, you may want to consider asking them if you can ride along. As long as this is not something that you do all the time, most neighbors are more than happy to take you along.

Look to your Relatives

Many relatives are happy to take their elderly relative to wherever they need to go. You simply need to ask if this is something that they would be willing to do. You may have to pay their gas or something along these lines in order to show your appreciation, but it will allow you to get to where you need to be and be in a more private manner than taking public transportation.

A neighbor giving a friend a ride in his car

Just because you cannot drive any more does not mean that you are limited to staying at home. Most seniors have several choices as to where they can find transportation, they simply have to look for these choices and ask if they can utilize it.