On one side a burning hot sun and the other a freezing cold snowflake

When the weather turns warmer and the days become longer, most people are glad to see summer coming their way. But, summer heat brings about a new problem, especially senior citizens. Every year there are stories reported on the news about seniors who are having issues with the heat, casing heat stroke and in many cases death. Many senior citizens cannot afford to have a lot of air circulating in their home due to the rising cost of electricity, thus many seniors will sit in their homes that are above ninety degrees. There are a few ways in which seniors can keep their homes cool during these warmer months and help to ensure that their health is going to be intact.

Utilize Fans

Fans help to circulate the air within a home. They can also help to reduce how much your air conditioner is having to work. With this being said, every senior should have fans in their homes that are on during the summer months, even if they are not using an air conditioner. Through circulating the air, you are going to find that the temperature within the home can decrease by a few degrees, making this more comfortable.

Close Rooms

If you have rooms within your house that you seldom use and can close these off, then this is the route to go. There is no need to cool off parts of the house that you are not using. If you use an air conditioner, consider closing the vents in the rooms you do not use, and shutting the doors to make the heat stay in this room, and the air stay out.

Reflect the Heat

If you are not using an air conditioner, or simply want to take the stress off of how much power you are using, consider taking cardboard and covering this in aluminum foil and placing this in windows or skylights that are going to allow more heat to penetrate the home. This is common to do and many people consider this something that they do when summer rolls around. The aluminum works to reflect the heat, thus helping to keep the house cooler.

Turn off the Lights

Lights, though most people do not realize this, do put some heat into the home, and every little bit of heat that you can avoid is going to help keep your home cooler. Thus, during the day try not to use as many lights. For that matter, avoid using the oven and dryer in your home during peak summer hours as well, as this can add to the heat within the home.

Senior citizens should also be sure that they are hydrating properly, wearing loose fitting clothing, and using a cool damp cloth when needed, in order to stay cooler while in their home. Avoid doing strenuous activity during the hottest hours of the day as this can help to keep your body temperature lower. If you are still finding it too warm in your home, consider going to a senior citizen during the day, as this is often where many seniors go to cool off.