One of the leading reasons for injuries to senior citizens is that the senior citizen falls in their own home or the home of a loved one. When a senior citizen falls it can be rather dangerous leading to broken bones, concussions and it has been known to case death. This is why making sure a home is senior citizen friendly is the best option for those who have seniors in their home or those who want to ensure the senior is safe in their own home.

Bathroom with handicapped toilet area and grab bars

One of the main parts of the house that is cause for concern is the bathroom. Most accidents involving seniors who fall happens in the bathroom. With this being said, there are several safety precautions that can be taken to ensure that the bathroom is as safe as possible, while also being comfortable:

– Ensure that their are rubber mats in both the shower or bath tub as well as outside the shower or tub to prevent falls from slipping on slick surfaces.

– Install grab bars on the inside of the shower or tub to allow seniors to have something to grab onto if they feel they are falling. These grab bars can also be installed in various other places in the bathroom that may be cause for concern

– A shower chair is a great addition to any bath tub or shower as this can make falls even less likely. For those who are interested, installing a sit in shower that allows for seniors to easily take a shower on their own is a great addition to any bathroom.A shower chair makes less mobile people easily bath themselves

– Handheld shower heads is a great addition as it minimizes the chances of falling in the event that the senior reaches up

Though the bathroom is the most likely place for injury, there are still others areas of the home that is going to need some tender loving care. The following are ideas to ensure safety throughout the entire home:

1. Place grab bars in the hallways in the home to prevent slipping
2. Remove rugs that are placed throughout the home that may be easy for someone to stub their toe on and trip, thus falling
3. Ensure there is adequate lighting throughout the home. The dimmer the light, the more likely a senior is to fall
4. Avoid having things on tall shelves as this can increase the chances of injury for seniors. If at all possible, everything should be placed at eye level to ensure the senior is not having to reach or climb on anything to reach objects
5. It is also a good idea to have phones in every room to ensure that if the senior does have an accident, they have the ability to get a hold of someone immediately

Representation of a safe home

These types of changes to a home can make a senior feel more at ease in their own home, while also ensuring that they are more comfortable in the home. There are tons of other things that a person can do in order to ensure a home is senior friendly, these are just recommendations that do decreases the chances of injury.