Piggy banks used for saving moneySaving money for a senior is vital when they are living on a fixed income or an income that is relatively low. One of the ways in which they can save money is at the grocery store. Many people use their grocery store savings as a way to save up for an addition to their home, for their dream vacation or something along these lines. Thus, you can save quite a bit of money through knowing how to grocery shop smartly.

Shop the Sales

Every grocery store is going to have a sale each week. This is the time to buy products that you may need. Most sales are going to run on a six week rotation. Thus, when you find a product that is at its lowest price, you should get enough to last you for six weeks when the product is going to be back on sale. Most people may think that this is not really saving you but a few cents, however, consider this: If you were to buy canned goods when they are on sale for .49 a can compared to a regular 1.25 a can, you can potentially save $7.60 when buying 10 cans on sale. Over the course of a year saving $7.60 a week will allot to around $400 a year.

Cut Coupons

Newspaper coupons used to save money at the grocery storeCutting coupons is a great way to save money, and when you couple these coupons with the latest sales, you can save even more money. Even coupons that are for a small amount of the total purchase are going to help out tremendously. It is not uncommon for those who coupon to cut their grocery bill down by around 65% after they start getting the hang of how this works.

Bulk Shopping

Those who have a warehouse store in their area may find it cheaper to buy their items from here, as they are usually a bit lower price per each item that you buy since you are buying them in bulk. If you have a Costco or Sam’s Club big savings can be found for sure. For example, paper towels at the grocery store may be .52 per roll, but with buying them at a warehouse store you could spend as little as .25 a roll, yet you may have to buy 25 rolls to get this price.

Check out Individual Store Specials

Most stores are going to have sales that they do not advertise. For example, many meat specials are often offered as managers specials that need to be sold now. These meats are find as long as you get them home and cook it or at least freeze it. But, you still get the price benefit from the store making too much or not having enough time to sell this.

When you grocery shop be sure that you are paying attention to prices. There are stores that are going to have certain items cheaper and why pay more when you can buy it for less? One of the best places to start with your goal of saving money while grocery shopping is to make a list of low price items and where these can be located for future reference. At first, you may not save a lot, but remember it is the savings over time that add up.