There are numerous people who claim yoga has changed their lives. Those who take yoga often state that they are more relaxed and feel as though they are in the best shapes of their life. However, many senior citizens are worried about whether yoga is an activity that is good for them due to their age. The good news is that those seniors who have an interest in yoga are encouraged to go for it. But, the senior will want to find a yoga program that is dedicated to senior citizens.

Older People Doing Yoga

Yoga Programs for Seniors

Seniors will find that yoga can be strenuous, even for those who are much younger. Yoga involves flexibility, breathing techniques and mastering one’s own body. However, when looking at yoga programs that are dedicated to seniors, the yoga has been adjusted to help a senior’s body. The difference in senior yoga and regular yoga really boils down to one big difference. This difference is the props that are used with senior yoga. Most seniors will start with a gentle yoga that utilizes props in order to help certain positions be met, while also ensuring that the senior does not feel pain while doing the practice. There are also yoga programs that are designed for seniors with arthritis that have been shown to help with the pain associated with arthritis. This is something that many seniors will be interested in finding.

For seniors who have been doing yoga for years and are now worried about doing this, they will find that most doctors will recommend that they go on with the program they are in. Once a person starts this at a younger age, their bodies are used to the physical side of yoga and can handle this. This is something that you will want to discuss with your doctor. In any event, whenever practicing yoga, a person should be certain that they are not pushing their bodies beyond what is comfortable. Yoga is a practice that requires time in order to master. There is no shame in not being able to do some moves when you start.

Where to Find Yoga Programs

Due to the popularity of yoga, many senior communities are brining on their own programs that are taught by a certified yoga instructor. There are several videos on the market as well as information on the Internet that explains how seniors can do yoga, but it is best to attend a class to learn from a professional. Plus, this has been shown to give seniors even more benefits since they are connecting with those who are their own age and starting to belong to a group.

No senior should enter into a yoga program until they have been cleared by their doctor to do such a program. There are health issues which can be a problem with yoga, such as those who have problems with their backs or who have glaucoma. It is in the best interest of a senior’s health if they are approved by their doctor to do a yoga program. After all, yoga is meant to get a person healthy, no senior wants to be in more pain and worse health just from participating in one of these programs.