Elderly woman doing some aerobic exercisesAs a person ages and becomes a senior citizen, it is still important that as an older adult that they get exercise. Most medical professional state that everyone should have some sort of aerobic exercise throughout the week in order to keep their bodies in the best shape. The problem with seniors is that as they age those problems that may have not been bothersome, such as stiff joints or aches in their body become more prominent, making it hard for a person to do the aerobic exercise that they once did. The good news is that there are tons of low impact exercises that are meant to be used by those with problems that many senior citizens have.

Low impact aerobics are easier on joints and muscles, yet they are going to still have the same effect in helping a person to keep their body in shape. These exercises are going to jostle a person less since they are not as fast. They are considered to be great for those who have had heart problems, as these do elevate the heart rate, but they do this slowly and steadily.

1. Water aerobics

These are great aerobics to use and they are super friendly to those who have joint problems. The water helps a person to feel lighter, which does allow a person to feel as though they can do more. In addition, those who get into water are going to find that the natural weight of the water, makes the workout even more aggressive, while still being friendly to the body.

2. Walking

This is great and can be done in your own neighborhood. However, the key to making this a good exercise is to ensure that you are walking at a pace that is going to increase your heart rate. Most people find that swiftly walking is the best pace for getting their heart up and burning a few calories.

3. Stationary Bikes

These are great as they provide a way to move without having the danger of falling down. The motion is circular, meaning that the body can naturally move this way. IN addition, it is not involving any type of hard movements that could make your joints hurt worse.

Over 65 man exercising in the park

When you decide that you need to do some exercise, it is best to talk to your doctor about what you should and should not do. There may be situations in which a doctor says that the best thing you could do is walk and they prohibit you from the other activities. In either situation, your doctor needs to know what your physical activity level is so that they can approve this activity.

Though you may be older, this does not mean that you have to feel older. Through getting exercise, eating right and the like, you can feel younger for much longer. Plus, your body is going to be in great shape for someone that is your age. Those who feel younger are more likely to have a better retirement and have more energy to do those things that they have always wanted to do.