Woman tending to her vegetable garden containing corn, beans, and tomatoesThere is nothing more fulfilling than putting food on the table and knowing that you have provided for your loved ones. For seniors who are missing a bit of their old life and looking for new ways to find meaning, they are going to find that planting their own garden is a great way to not only put food on the table, but to relax as well. There are many seniors who think about this but never do as they may think that gardening is too much work, or too expensive. However, there are several ways in which you can do this without having to buy expensive tools like a tiller in order to get the garden of your dreams.

First Step: Container Gardening

If you live in an area that would need to be tilled and do not want to buy the tiller, you can use containers to grow your vegetables. In addition, for those who live in an area that they do not have much yard space, they can still container grow from a deck or balcony. The key to making this work is to buy containers that are going to be big enough to handle the plant. If you are growing tomatoes and peppers, then a big container will be needed as these types of plants tend to get bushy and take up a lot of room. Other vegetables like carrots, turnips and the like are growing to grow big, but only as big as their environment, thus you can control the size a bit based on the container that you purchase.

Step 2: Plant Seeds

Almost any home and garden store are going to have a wide variety of seeds or even starter plants to choose from. You are going to want to choose something that will grow in your climate, as well as in the area that you are putting these. Take into consideration the annual temperature, the position of the Sun on the area and so forth. The better you prepare for this, the better your garden is going to look.

Granchild and her grandpa working in the garden

Step 3: Take Care of the Plants

Ensure that you have the right amount of soil in your containers or in your garden, whichever method you choose to utilize. You may have to add fertilizer or enriched soil when planting in the ground when your ground is a bit dry or weak. Water these when they need it, but be sure that you do not overwater as vegetable quality can be affected by this easily.

Step 4: Relax and Enjoy

On cool nights just look at what you have accomplished. Within a few months, your garden is going to be blossoming and you can smile in the knowledge that it is your effort that has made this happen. You will also enjoy having fresh produce on your table that you grew, knowing exactly what you are putting into your body. All in all, a garden is a great start to your new life of retirement and relaxation.