In these modern times, so many things have progressed in technology, including the technology used in vehicle production. It is so hard to keep up with, much less understand; it’s just not like it used to be. One such recent innovation is the hybrid vehicle. These technological marvels use batteries for most of their power and only rely on gasoline when completely necessary. The fuel savings with these types of vehicles can be amazing for those trying to trim their monthly budget.

Car license plates that say hybrid, eco car, electric, and no co2

There are many things to learn and take into consideration when it comes to the new hybrid cars. One gentleman actually conducted an experiment by learning all they could, and ultimately purchase a hybrid vehicle. The chosen purchase? A Toyota Prius Hybrid, fully loaded; most of these cost around $20,000. The following is a recap of the what they discovered. Folks over 60 will want to take all of this information to heart, and weigh it out in accordance with their own needs and desires.

Hybrid cars are produced to be driven in an efficient manner. They are not sport car fast, nor are they for off-road riding. They are meant to be cared for and maintained to keep you in the best economic shape possible for the purchase. This alone is an attractive fact that retirees appreciate. The Prius, for example, keeps you informed of all aspects of gas mileage and battery power as well as letting you know the amount of energy utilized in braking.

This vehicle in particular, will take you from 22-27 mpg in an older vehicle, you are able to boast 55 mpg, simply because of the cooperation of the two energy sources. This, is recommended for older people for obvious reasons. Even better news? City driving can reach over 50 mpg in this particular hybrid. These cars also possess multi-engine power, and is very easy to drive. Most who take these for a test drive find that they are quite suitable for a daily driver type vehicle.

Other hybrid characteristics that are beneficial for seniors include temperature/warmth consistency, a quiet interior, no emissions testing, and many others. In every way listed above, there are many things about a hybrid that would fit your retirement years afford-ably and dependably.

Woman holding a gas pump and a large hand of cash from savings on her fuel bill

Some of the quirks that you may wonder about should be taken seriously, to best meet you needs at this time in your life. One main concern is as gasoline prices steadily rise, so will the price of hybrids. The best thing to do is check into current prices. Shop around.

Some hybrids actually get lower gas mileage on the highway, at times as low as 40 mpg. Also considering the fact that not all hybrids are the same, it is just as important to shop around and get the facts. Here is a table that shows several very popular hybrid cars, their respective miles per gallon (MPG) for both city and highway, as well as the price you could expect to pay for a well-equipped version:

Name Of CarCity Estimated Miles Per Gallon (MPG)Highway Estimated Miles Per Gallon (MPG)Approximate Cost (Well-Equipped)
Ford Fusion Hybrid4747$28,000.00
Honda Accord Hybrid4550$32,000.00
Hyundai Sonata Hybrid3640$26,000.00
Toyota Camry Hybrid3943$26,500.00
Ford C-Max Hybrid4343$26,600.00
Chevy Volt3540$33,000.00
Kia Optima Hybrid3640$29,000.00

In closing, when taking into consideration the needs of our senior’s vehicle needs, it is, in my opinion a hybrid is a much better choice for the change in lifestyle in these latter years. Perhaps you are traveling the country over, or even stick around town for errands, hybrids are an excellent option for you.