Row of mobile homes in a parkWhen senior citizens reach the age of retirement, many of these seniors look into selling their home and simply moving into a mobile home. However, there are many seniors who are wondering whether making this move is a good move or not? In order to answer whether you should consider a mobile home for your new home, you have to realize the benefits and drawbacks that a mobile home offers those who live in these.

Benefits of Mobile Homes

One of the biggest benefits of mobile homes is that they are much cheaper than regular houses. A house and mobile home that are the same square footage will still see the mobile home being much cheaper. The reason for this is that the mobile homes are not including much property, thus you do not have to look at the value of this type of aspect in calculating overall cost.

Another huge benefit is that there is no waiting for the home to be built. You simply pick out which home you want and then have it delivered to where you will be living. It makes the entire process easier as many people say that building a home is the most stressful thing that they have ever done.

Due to the lower cost of a mobile home you are going to find that you can pay this off faster than if this were a traditional home. This is great for seniors who may be worried about what they are leaving behind for their family to deal with.

Drawbacks of Mobile Homes

Now that you know the benefits, you have to admit that there is one major drawback. This is the fact that mobile homes do not increase in value at all, no matter what you may do to these cosmetically or to make them work better over the years. Thus, if you do decide to sell, you are going to lose money on the deal no matter what in most cases. In addition to this, mobile homes are often considered less safe when facing high winds and tornadoes when compared to a traditional home. There have been mobile homes that have turned over and the like due to these types of natural occurrence’s.

Nice mobile home with flowers in front

Many of those who have mobile homes often complain that the temperature within the home is harder to regulate than a traditional house. The reason for this is that there may be various levels of insulation throughout the home, letting some air escape. This is one of those pet peeves that either a person learns to live with or the y become annoyed.

So is a mobile home a good purchase? For the most part those that do this are happy with their results. Yet you need to weigh the good and bad to decide whether this is in your best interest. In some climates, a mobile home may be perfect, while in others this could prove to be nothing but an obstacle and nuisance. Remember that just because this is a mobile home does not mean that it will not require the same type of care and affection as a conventional home would need.