Many seniors often find that their doctor recommends a flu shot. It has been studied and it was found that those who are younger and those who are older are going to benefit the most from a flu shot. Yet, many seniors hear about the horror stories of those who have gotten flu shots and suffered from these. For example, there is a small percentage of those who get the flu shot and suffer complications that can be scary to think about. Yet, this is such a small percentage, it still is in the best interest of a senior to get the flu shot every year.

Man Getting A Flu Shot

How the Flu Shot Helps

When a senior gets the flu shot they are putting a small amount of the flu virus into their bodies. This is meant to help the body to ward off getting the flu worse. Several people will find that the flu shot can make them feel as though they have the flu for a few days after getting the shot. Yet, this feeling is nothing compared to what the real flu would feel like. If a senior were to get the flu at this stage in their life, it is often considered life threatening since their bodies are older and they cannot battle this as well as if they were still in their twenties or thirties.

Why Many People Choose to Say No to the Flu Shot and Why These are Inaccurate

There are several reasons that a person may choose to not get the flu shot, these include:

– The flu virus changes from year to year, thus even with the flu shot the person is going to have the chance of getting the flu shot. This is true, but, with the flu shot the person dramatically decreases their chances of getting any strand of the flu. And even if they do get the flu, their bodies are going to be able to handle this better.
– Complications from the flu virus can be permanent. Yet, the complications only affect a small percentage of people. Most doctors will not give a flu shot if they believe the person is at risk for developing complications.
– The cost may also be a reason that several seniors do not consider getting a flu shot. However, flu shots are often considered a routine care item and are usually covered in entirety by insurance. If not, the cost is usually a small amount that is well worth it.

Overall, if you are a senior who has been recommended to get the flu shot, you should listen to your doctors concerns. If you were to get the flu this could affect your body dramatically to the point that you come close to death due to how severe the flu can get. Along with the flu shot, a person should practice basic routines that are going to eliminate their exposure to the virus, such as washing their hands, cleaning areas in which people touch frequently and the like.