Classic ars are something that most people would love to own as these cars take people back to a much simpler time in which people were focused on how the car looked as well as how big the engine was. Today, most people think modern cars look similar to one another. With this being said, there are several classic cars that are considered to be really collectible and for those who are looking for an investment, these could be the way to go.

Picture of a tire and rim from an old Corvette Stingray1. Corvette Stingray This car was what made muscle cars in the sixties, according to many professionals. For those who are looking to make this classic car their own collectible, they are going to find that the 1969 version is what most collectors are looking for. The car simply shouts speed and muscle when looking at it. Want a cool look through this car’s history then check out this timeline.

2. The Ford Mustang For those who like classic cars, then they cannot go wrong with the 1967 Ford Mustang. Why the 67′ Mustang? Simply because this was the year in which they made the body wider and longer, allowing for a bigger block engine to be utilized. This gave the car more power and also made it look like an all American muscle car.

3. Chevrolet Camaro The Camaro has always been seen as a car to own if you are interested in collectibles. However, if you want to go above and beyond expectations find a 1969 Camaro with a 427 special order engine. This was the biggest engine that Chevrolet had used to date, and they were only able to special order these.

4. The Chevrolet Nova When most people think of the Nova they do not think of a classic car, but it has become a car that many people want as their own. This car was designed to be smaller, yet it still had the same type of engine. At the time, Chevy hoped this would open up a new market to them, and thankfully many people were interested in the Nova. If you want this as a collectible try to find a 1966 that produces around 350 horsepower.

Car that has had the complete inside interior restored in a beautiful light coffee color

5. Jaguar E-Type The E-Type Jaguar was one of those cars that had several manufacturers scrambling to find something that they could make similar. The long hood and short rear end, was sporty, yet was also classy. This is what makes this car a collectible today.

6. Porsche 911S Most like the Jaguar E-Type, this car features the long front end and short rear end, giving it the appeal of performance. For those who are interested in getting one of these stick to the 1971 year, as this is the year in which this car was at its best. This car has been featured in a wide variety of movies, making it even more popular for some people.

Classic cars are great to own, but when you get something that is so collectible, you will find that it does have quite a bit of monetary value. Plus, they are tons of fun to drive since cars these days are not made anything like these cars of the pats. So our advice? Relive your childhood or early adulthood and buy one of these fun cars before they are gone forever!