There are many seniors who retire from their job and find that after a few months they are a bit stir crazy. They miss having somewhere to go everyday, and they miss having the extra income. Most seniors are living off of their retirement funds and social security, thus a little extra money coming in would not hurt most people. With this being said, the number of seniors who are getting part time jobs is increasing, yet many seniors are not sure where they should start when wanting to go this route. They may think that companies would not hire them because they are older. On the contrary, many companies are happy to hire retirees since they have the work experience and life experience to get the job done.

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For those who are interested in a part time job, consider some of the following points:

1. Find a job that was the same sort of employment you held before retirement.

Many companies who have employees retire are happy to bring them back on a part time basis. The company is getting the knowledge of the worker, and knows that the person is not going to have be trained since they already know what to do. It is a win win situation for all those involved.

2. Consider teaching part time.

Several colleges offer part time positions to those who have certain life experience in order to teach this to others. In addition, several county and city schools allow retirees to be substitute teachers. Though this type of work may have not been something you have done before, you can still qualify to do this with just a bit more training in most cases.

3. Consider Blogging

There are several seniors who make a little extra money every month just through sharing their experiences or their expertise on a subject. This is an opportunity that is going to take time to make money from, but it has unlimited earning potential.

4. Work in sales

Several stores often hire retirees to work part time as cashier or stock personnel. This is a job that would bring a pretty steady income into the household, since most of these stores work their part time employees quit a bit. However, you must think about whether you could handle a job like this.

5. Coaching

Several areas are in need of coaches and they pay a decent part time income to those who give up their time to do this. You may have to attend a few classes in order to get licensed, but if you love sports and kids, this could be a great way to spend your time.

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There are several opportunities, but these are just a few that many other seniors have found luck with. You need to decide what it is that you would like to do and then find out if this is available in your area. There are several people who end up with a part time job that they wished they had worked full time before being retired because it is so rewarding.