Having grandchildren is one of those steps in lives that most seniors look forward to. However, no matter how much a person seems to look forward to having a grandchild, they are often at a loss as to how to understand them or to connect with them. It would be great if there was a magic tool that told you what your grandchild was really thinking or feeling. But, since nothing like this exists, it is a good start to realize some surprising facts about your grandchild that you may have not realized.

What are some secrets that grandparents don't know about their grandchildren

1. Your grandchildren really do like to hear about your childhood.

Though many seniors feel as though their grandkids are tuning them out when they talk about their childhood, they often are listening. As the grandchild ages, they are going to remember more of what you are saying, and more than likely they will be even more interested. Especially if you grew up during a time in which they have read about in history books.

2. Though they may appear fearless, your grandchildren do have some fears.

Many seniors state that kids today show no signs of fear. It is not that the kids these days are fearless, they just choose to hide their fears better. With this being said, as a grandparent you can help the grandchild to overcome these fears and deal with these, rather than suppressing this fear.

3. Their cell phones, computers, iPod’s and other electrical gadgets is what their life is all about.

It may be annoying to see your grandchild constantly on the phone or on the computer, but technology is here to stay. You have to learn how to get around this type of problem. Many seniors are getting involved with technology and social media, and it has allowed them to be even closer to their grandchildren.

4. They get mad at their parents, and deep down inside they are looking for someone to vent with, you can be the best possible person.

You can have a special relationship with your grandchild, one that was not possible with your children. Let them know that you are there to listen to them, no matter what they may have that is troubling them. It would be a great time to talk about their parents and how you handled the situation, in order to back up what the parents have done.

5. They do love you and worry about you.

Many seniors think that their grandkids could care less if something were to happen to them, however, this is not the case. Most kids worry about their grandparents and what may happen. It is this worry that keeps many kids from getting close to their grandparents. It is up to you to bridge this gap in order to get a good relationship started, to allow kids to have lifelong memories of you.

Grandparents sitting with their grand daughters on a computer

If you have numerous grandchildren or even if you just have one, you will find there are times that you wonder what in the world were they thinking or what is wrong with them. Kids today are not like kids were twenty years ago. As long as you show them love, listen to their concerns and cherish them, they will always have fond memories of you.