Affordable Care Act also known as ObamacareMost seniors rely on Medicare for their health needs once they reach retirement age. However, the recent Obamacare act that is beginning to take affect is going to affect Medicare. Just what do senior citizens think about Obamacare? In all honesty, it is hard to tell since many seniors are unaware of what all Obamacare entails. This is not something that is limited to seniors, as many people throughout the US still do not understand the ramifications of Obamacare on their health care. So how is Obamacare going to affect seniors who utilize Medicare? There are several things that are going to be impacted for healthcare, with a lot of impact on senior citizens healthcare.

1. Reduced access to care is likely to happen due to not having the appropriate funds in order to provide care. The Obamacare health care act is meant to reduce the payments under Medicare, particularly to Part A. In doing this, hospitals and doctors are going to receive less payment for their services. Thus, this less payment is going to affect just how much a senior is going to have to pay out of pocket. For many seniors this could mean that they end up paying more than ever for their healthcare.

2. There is supposed to be savings applied to Medicare that is supposed to be added to Part A in order to ensure that seniors are not paying for more of their health care. However, many specialists and professionals have stated that these savings are being applied to other areas of Obamacare, meaning that they are not going to help seniors in any way.

3. There will be a 15 board member of several people who are meant to address the spending limit should Medicare hit its spending limit. This is estimated to happen in the next six years. After this time, it is unsure of where Medicare will go and how it will have the funding necessary in order to provide the level of care that seniors are accustomed to.

Tea Party ProtestersThese are three aspects that seniors may not be aware of, in fact, the general public may not be aware of these aspects. With this being said, from a senior perspective it would seem that Obamacare is going to offset retirement completely. Many seniors are going to feel as though they are not going to have the means to afford their healthcare bills, thus there is no realistic way in which they can quit working.

In addition, many seniors are worried about what will happen should they face difficult health problems. If the health care system is not going to provide them with the care they need, it may increase the rate of deaths in seniors and greatly decrease the age that most people are living to. Most seniors are appalled at the fact that the social security they paid in for the majority of their lives is not there for them to use. This is in thanks to the social security income being borrowed from in order to pay for other debt that the government has incurred. It is not fair to seniors, yet there seems to be nothing that seniors can do about this. For the most part, seniors need to be prepared to see random doctors who will accept Medicare, as well as be ready to pay for more of their health care out of their own pockets.