The current economy is having an effect on just about everything in a home. There are several senior citizens who are moving in with their children and grandchildren in an effort to save money and vice versa. This type of home life is referred to as multigenerational homes, and they are steadily on the rise from what they were ten years ago. When this is the case, there are going to be numerous generations living under one roof. Though most people would think that this type of arrangement would be awful, there have been several benefits linked to this type of homelife.

Grandparents, kids and grandkids all living in same house

Some benefits of having several generations of a family living together include:

1. Seniors often feel younger when living in a multigenerational home. This is due to the senior having to help with the children, which simply makes them feel young. They are helping with homework and dinner, and it makes them stay physically active, which is going to prolong their life.

2. There is a high level of closeness in families that live with one another, that has been proven to be beneficial for younger generations growing up. They are closer to their grandparents and parents, simply because they are living in a home that is surrounded with love.

3. The financial benefits are numerous as there is simply more income in the home, allowing for everyone to feel more comfortable. Everyone in the home is contributing to the cost of the home and the expenses of living. Yet, there is no one who feels that they do not have the funds to get what they need due to so many people living under the same roof.

4. The stress that many families feel when there is only the parents and children in the home is gone. Parents know that they have the grandparents there who are going to look after their children as though they are their own, making it easier for everyone to relax. This includes the children who are benefiting from the attention that is being lavished on them from their grandparents.

Picture of one family but many different age groups

There are several benefits as you can see, but a person needs to realize that it does take some time to work out the roles of everyone in a multigenerational home. Grandparents need to know what their roles are, the children need to realize that their grandparents are to be treated as though they are parents, meaning they have the right to tell them what to do and the like. Plus, there is also the transfer of home duties that will take a while for everyone to get used to. It is in the best interest for everyone to sit down and talk about what is going to need to be done and who is going to do this in order to avoid any problems.

Despite the hardships that are first there when a home becomes a home for many generations, the benefits are numerous and in the end, everyone can be happier for the arrangement. Kids are going to get to know their grandparents, seniors are going to feel as though they are giving more back and not as though they are fading away into life, and adults are going to feel better knowing that money stress and the like is no longer there