Dad and son reading a book together while sitting downAs you age, you may find that it is harder to live on your own. Many seniors are lonely when they live on their own, thus they look for ways in which they can move in with someone or move to a senior community. With the way in which the economy is going, several seniors are moving in with their children as a way to make ends meet easier and also to provide them with some form of help and companionship. However, before you decide to move in with your child, there are several things that you have to take into consideration. These aspects need to be discussed with your child to determine if this is the best option or not.

1. What type of financial aspect are you to contribute?

There are several seniors who end up helping their children with household bills and even help with their mortgage. You have to decide if you could even afford to do this after paying for your own expenses. You must also consider that the household grocery bill would increase after moving in with your child, thus you may be expected to contribute some to this.

2. What would happen if you get to the point in which you could no longer stay on your own?

More than likely the child you are moving in has their own job, and other aspects that they have to do. If you were to get sick to the point that you need constant care, what would happen then? These are situations in which you need to discuss so that no one feels as though the wrong decision is being made.

3. Are you going to help out around the house?

For many seniors, when they move in with their child they are expected to do the laundry, help with the grandchildren and so forth. You need to ask yourself if you are willing to do this. Many seniors are happy to do this, yet others feel that they have done their time in caring for children and really have no desire to start over again with their grandchildren.

4. Are you going to be happy in this new home?

You need to ask yourself whether this move is for you or is it for your child? Many seniors may feel that this is a great decision to make, yet many other seniors feel as though they are being forced to do this. Being forced into this type of move can bring about feelings of anger and resentment.

Geriatric woman writing a letter while her daughter watches

There are many seniors who are moving in with their children, for whatever reason. However, this is not always the best decision for every senior. You need to sit down with your child, discuss what each other’s expectations are and always know that if this does not work that you can both go back to how it was. But, a senior needs to remember that if they go back to living on their own that they will more than likely have to find a new home and the like.