As a person ages, the number of those who suffer from depression increases. There are several reasons for this including the person feeling as though their life is coming to an end, feeling as though they have no use to anyone due to their age, or simply because they are sad to see their lives change. When a person becomes a senior citizen, their lives are going to change. They are at the age in which they are expected to retire, they may lose friends, and they may find that they are moving out of the home that they have lived at for the majority of their lives. It is no wonder why these people are suffering from depression. However, there are several ways in which a person can fight depression as they age to ensure that they are enjoying their new life.

Senior Citizen depression

1. Exercise

Exercise releases what most term ‘feel good’ endorphins in the brain that will help to chase away any blues that a person may be feeling. Just because you are a senior now, does not mean that you cannot exercise. There are tons of exercises that have been adapted to benefit seniors. Not only will this help with depression but this can also help a person to avoid disease that are common in seniors, as well as live a longer life.

2. Have a To-Do List

This may sound odd, but those who have a to-do list everyday have something in which they are going to need to get out of bed to do. This list can contain simple things such as get out of bed, walk to the mailbox, go to the grocery store or the like. The key is to having a list that is going to encourage you to get out of bed each morning and to take away from the depression that may be overcoming you.

3. Eat Healthy

The foods we eat can have a dramatic effect on the depression that is felt. Those who eat healthy meals are less likely to be depressed because they have all the vitamins and nutrients in their body that it needs to work properly. If you find that you are not eating healthy enough, consider taking multi-vitamins that are designed for seniors in order to meet this nutrition needs that you are not meeting through food alone.

4. Connect with Others

There are several senior programs that are located throughout every community out there. These groups do numerous things, meaning that you are likely to find something that you like to do. Through connecting with a group of others who are interested in what you like to do, you are going to be happier because you have an activity in your life to look forward to.

It is important that if you feel depression is getting the better of you, despite what you are doing to control this, you need to talk to your doctor. There are times in which medications is needed for short or long periods of time in order to get your brain chemicals on the right level. You can also consider talking to others who have depression and learning how they cope.