Woman wearing a brown dress suit using a cell phoneMany seniors find that the latest cell phones on the market are just not what they need in their lives. They find them to be too complicated or hard to use. This is especially true for seniors who may have a hard time seeing and pressing the screen to see what their options are. This is why many seniors swear off cell phones even though they are something that they may need to have at some point in time. With this being said, there are several cell phones on the market that are coign to be catered towards seniors. These types of phones share a few common characteristics including:

– Larger buttons
– Ability to have a higher than normal volume for phone calls
– Easy to use, as in no extra tech features
– Easy to hold and handle

There are several phones that enter into the market designed for seniors. The following are just a few suggestions as to what a senior may want to consider when they are cell phone shopping:

1. The Big Easy Phone (Alcatel A382G)

This phone was designed with seniors in mind. It has large, easy to read buttons, with simple green and red buttons to aid in making and ending a call. It is a very basic bar format phone.

2. Pantech Breeze 4

The Pantech Breeze 4 takes the simple phone to a new level. This is a flip phone that has large buttons and an easy to read screen. However, it also has the ability to slow down a phone call, allowing for seniors who are hard of hearing to slow down their calls to catch all the information.

3. Samsung Jitterbug Plus

This phone has large buttons for easy dialing. It is a flip phone and the external screen is relatively large to see who is calling, the time and the like.

4. LG A341

This is a flip phone that has the large buttons and the advanced audio to ensure that the call can be heard. However, it also has voice recognition software to allow for hands free phone calls to be made.

5. Vodafone 155

This is an easy to hold bar phone that has large keys. The one feature that sets this apart from other phones is the one push emergency button that is on the phone.

6. UMX Companion

This is a bar phone that has been specifically designed for seniors. The phone is able to be charged standing up, for easy access. In addition, it has large buttons that are easy to push and see. The phone is enabled with a Torch to allow this to be used if in a dark setting. Plus, it has an SOS switch that will immediately alert if there is a problem.

What phone a senior uses is entirely up to them. Many seniors are keeping up with technology, thus the latest smart phones and the like are going to be great for them. These phones are really for those seniors who may not be too tech savvy and just want a simple phone that is going to make their phone calls.