Tablet PC computers have now become the newest fad of the future. A purchase of new tablet is solely dependent on the needs of the consumer. In this instance, we are focusing in consumers 60 and over. Tablets are good because they are lightweight and wireless. They only weigh anywhere from 3/4 to just a little over one pound. They are easy to use because you can take them anywhere throughout the house, in the car, or even at your favorite restaurant. Tablets on the market today have a touch screen display, which is easier for older people to use.

Woman holding an Apple iPad Air

There are a few major players in the tablet market today: Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire, and Microsoft Surface. The Apple iPad comes in several different models. The iPad2, iPad mini, and iPad air. They range from $299 to $829. They all are lightweight and have wireless capabilities. All models have a HD display and an easy to use cameras to take professional quality pictures. The battery life on these tablets are roughly 10 hours on one charge. On three of the four models, you can use the lightning connector, which is universal today on most smartphones. They also have voice commands that can be programmed in the iPad. The iPad models are geared toward the more savvy user and could be more difficult for the casual user.

The Kindle Fire tablet

The Amazon Kindle Fire also comes in several different models. The Kindle Fire range from $139 to $379. All models have a HD display and the battery life on these tablets are roughly 10 hours on one charge. The Kindle Fire is geared more towards reading books, watching movies, and playing games. This tablet has wireless capabilities so a user has the options to purchase games and books on Amazon and also to stream videos on the major streaming video networks. The Kindle Fire is geared toward the recreational user and not for the savvy computer user. You should take a look at the reviews of the Kindle Fire HD 7 inch model at Amazon.  The reviews from buyers are actually very good.

Microsoft Surface tablet on display at the retail store

The Microsoft Surface tablet covers everything that the competitors have, but this tablet has an attachable keyboard that comes with it. The Microsoft Surface tablet starts at $349. This tablet has all the most recent software that Microsoft has on the market today. This tablet could replace a bulky laptop computer with the same capabilities and have the conveniences of a lightweight tablet. The Surface has a HD display and a battery life of 10 hours. It is a little heavier to carry than its other competitors. Its thinner design makes it easier to store in a backpack or an oversized handbag. The Surface is made mostly for the younger person, preferably in college. This tablet could be good for the older person who still works and relies on the use of a computer.

Older woman using a tablet computerIn the end, the best tablet for an older person is the one they will use. Preferably they will have someone around to help them get used to this new emerging technology and that will certainly help. Senior citizens definitely shouldn’t feel intimidated by technology and the best advice for “mature” people is just to pick one up and start playing. Bottom line – have fun with these new-fangled devices!!