Checklist for someone trying to put together a disaster preparedness planWhen talking about being prepared, many professionals suggest numerous items that a home should have on hand. They talk about having a diaster kit prepared that includes candles, flashlights, medication, first aid items, water and food. However, when most people are making a disaster kit, they often put in everything put the food supply. It is always a good idea to have an emergency food supply on hand, especially for seniors. The reasons why are numerous, and once you know the reasons, you are going to find that this is an idea that you need to act on now.

Reason #1 What if a natural disaster hits?

With the weather the way it is, no mater what we do, we cannot really prepare for where a storm may hit. When a storm hits, there are numerous things that go into motion. First, the electric may be cut off. Which leaves you without light and heat/air, which can be devastating enough. But, without power you may not be able to prepare food as you once did. In these cases, an emergency food supply is going to be the one thing that you can eat, since it is prepared to deal with natural disasters and the like. Secondly, if a natural disaster were to hit, you will never know how long you may spend in your designated safe spot in your home before help arrives. Having the emergency food supply ensures that you and your family does not starve while waiting for help, if help is needed.

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Reason #2 What happens if you have banking problems and are cut off from your money?

The state of the economy has led many people to start storing emergency food rations. They realize that at any time they could lose access to money, and they would be left without. Through having an emergency food supply they can at least ensure that they are able to eat and feed their families.

Other reasons for having an emergency supply of food can include having peace of mind that you are ready no matter what type of disaster or personal situation arises. Other people prefer to look at this as a way to meet their basic needs, and is often looked at as a necessity rather than preparation. Whatever the reason, you should ensure that you have canned foods, water and those foods that are freeze dried. You will find that the shelf life of freeze dried food is higher than canned food, which is why so many people turn to freeze dried food when planning their emergency food supply.

You should have this emergency food supply stored in an area that you will be if disaster were to strike. Many people keep this in their basement. In addition, several people carry a food emergency supply kit with them in their vehicles in case they are in an accident and are unable to get help. This is also a good idea, as you never know what may happen, and it is always best to have all your bases covered.