The Social Security that a senior citizen collects is sometimes the main source of income for the person. It makes sense for a senior citizen to consider just how they can get more money. The social security a person receives is calculated based on the cost of living and just how long the person worked. For those who take an early retirement, which is considered to be at the age of 62, they will not receive as much social security. For those who wait until a later age, they will receive more. Yet, sometimes, even when a person waits until a later age to retire, they still do not receive enough money to really live on.

Wallet with money coming out from increased Social Security benefits obtained through a lawyer

Do You Really Need A Social Security Attorney?

For those who find themselves in this type of situation, a lawyer who deals with Social Security can be one of the best options to utilize. These lawyers work on your case in an effort to win your more money each month. Each situation is different, thus it hard to estimate just how much more a lawyer can win you. However, there have been times in which lawyers have won a person twenty percent more than what they were originally getting. Every little bit helps when you are retired and living off of Social Security, thus it is a good idea to talk to one of these lawyers to see how they can help. Keep in mind you will need to pay for the legal fees, but this can sometimes be much less than the benefits you will ultimately receive.

Finding a Social Security Lawyer

There are several lawyers who deal with only Social Security, and these are the types of lawyers that you are going to want to have on your side. You can work with a family lawyer, but those who specialize in social security are more likely to know what to do in order to get you more money. You should always meet with the lawyer beforehand in order to see whether they are fit for you or not. You want to lawfully get more social security, thus it is important that you work with someone that is ready to work within the definitions of the law and does not try to find loop holes that may be illegal.

The Process

The process can be rather long, thus you should not expect to hear about your case within a few days. There are times that these cases can take up to a year to decide. This all really depends on your circumstances, what you are claiming and the like. For those who have a disability, this will involve a more tedious process since the lawyer is trying to claim disability, which may involve visiting several doctors and going through a very lengthy claims process.

If you find that your Social Security is not meeting your basic living needs, then it may time to reexamine the amount that you are getting and see how you can go about getting more. You will find that it can be worth your time. You will never know until you talk with a lawyer and they tell you your chances of getting more Social Security.