The selection of an attorney is a very important decision because your choice will have a direct impact on your case. Choosing a disability lawyer requires more than selecting a legal counsel with the largest advertising campaign, it is all about choosing the one that can win your legal action.

A Judge in a disability hearing deciding on whether to extend disability benefits on the lawyer's case

The following tips will help you select the right disability attorney for your needs.

• Look For An Attorney That Specializes In Disability Claims.

When you have a medical condition that you want treated, you generally go to a doctor that specializes in that type of medicine. This same type of thinking should be applied to the selection of a lawyer. Begin your search by finding attorneys that specialize in disability claims. Once you have selected a few, you can refine your search by having them meet more of your qualifications.

• Find An Attorney Who Will Work On New and Appeal Disability Claims:

You want to use a legal representative that has enough knowledge and experience that they are willing to accept both types of legal cases. Many attorneys will only accept appeal claims because this is much easier than filing an initial claim for disability and seeing it through. You want an a lawyer that has the ability and drive to complete either legal process.

• Does The Attorney Specialize Within The Disability Field?

Many attorneys will specialize within the disability field so that they can better serve their clients. For instance, some will only handle claims that are a result of an accident, while others specialize in disability claims due to illness. It will always be to your benefit to find a legal counsel that specializes in your type of disability case.

• Resources Of The Attorney You Select:

You will want to make sure that your attorney has the resources to back up their claim to be able to help you. If you walk into their office and the attorney is playing receptionist, file clerk and lawyer all at the same time, it is easy to assume that this attorney will not have the resources necessary to research and aggressively represent your disability case. This does not mean that you should only use a large firm; it just means that a lawyer should be able to dedicate time and effort into being your attorney and not managing their office.

• The Success Rate Of The Lawyer:

You should not be afraid to ask any attorney that you are considering hiring what their success rate is for winning a disability type of case. When asked, the attorney must be accurate with their answer or face fraud charges at a later time should they lie and it is discovered. A high success rate should give you confidence in their abilities.

• Understanding:

When you are in your initial consultation with the lawyer, do they appear to understand the situation that you are in, or do they seem disinterested? Many attorneys in large firms become disenfranchised with their jobs due to their large case loads and begin to treat each client as if they were just another case on their roster. This is never a good thing. You want to make sure that your attorney seems truly interested and compassionate about your disability. You need to feel secure that they will aggressively represent your benefit application. If you have the slightest doubt about how your attorney is going to handle the case it will make this a very uncomfortable agreement between both of you and may result in a poor outcome to your claim.

• Bar Membership:

There are many organizations that call themselves legal firms that handle disability claims that are not actually lawyers. Because these firms are not openly stating that they are attorneys, and they are preparing legal documents, they can call their businesses legal firms (not law firms) and offer similar services. These firms cannot legally represent you in Court, nor are the able to practice law in any manner. They can only prepare paperwork and offer you information on how to proceed with your case on your own. An attorney must be a member of the Bar in the state in which they practice law. To guarantee that the person you are considering using for these services is actually a disability lawyer, make sure you ask if they are a current member of the State Bar.

• Ask A Friend:

If you would like additional information about a law firm or an attorney, you should ask family members and friends if they have heard anything positive or negative about the attorney or firm you are considering. Word-of-mouth advertising is often a very good source of information about a law firm in your area. However, always remember to take this information with a little caution.

The best thing that you can remember when searching for a disability attorney is to take a little time and do a little research. It will always be beneficial to your case to find a lawyer with the right experience and resources to meet your needs. Make sure that you feel comfortable with their legal plans for your claim before committing to representation, and feel free to decline services during your consultation if you are not comfortable.