Do you think you might need a nursing home abuse lawyer? It is a sad part of life to watch the people who you love so dearly grow old and infirm. As grandparents, parents, uncles, and aunts age, they begin to deteriorate. You try to slow the aging process with mixed results using doctors, medicines, healthier diets, vitamins, and anything else that might help. In the end, there is nothing more that you can do to take care of them personally. This is the point where you have to finally acknowledge the inevitable and find them an assisted living facility where the sympathetic, trained, and experienced staff can provide them better care for the remainder of their days.

row of wheelchairsA great number of nursing facilities do offer fabulous care for your loved ones. The scary part is that all too many of them actually do not. Many assisted living care and nursing facilities engage poorly paid and trained staff in an effort to make as much money as possible for their typically corporate owners. Unfortunately, these resulting profits come directly at the expense of their patients— your loved ones— whose lives can literally be endangered by neglect and even abuse.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?

Residents of these homes who are neglected are bad enough off, but many elderly are even threatened and abused if they try to say something to their family members. The repercussions are not merely limited to fear and emotional suffering, but includes physical pain. There can be broken bones, excruciating bedsores, and even unexpected and unnecessary death as a result of the neglect and even abuse that they receive at the hands of their caregivers.

Where do these Neglectful and Abusive Nursing Facility Incidents Typically Occur?

Senior citizen who has been abused and hit so hard he has a bruise on his eye socketThese outrages occur all across America, and not especially in any one region, state, or city. Statistics say that your chances of this happening to a loved one are significantly greater than you might imagine. Sadly, you can not simply look at the appearance of a facility and determine if they will practice abuse or neglect or instead offer competent and capable care for your loved one.

What Type Of Abuse Is Happening In Nursing Homes?

A study of nursing home care providers conducted by the National Center on Elder Abuse had some startling results. Here are the facts – our loved ones are being abused at a rate that should be absolutely alarming. What type of abuse is occurring? It is what you might expect: verbal abuse, physical abuse, and neglect. The table below shows the percentages of caregivers who admitted to each type of abuse when they were surveyed:

Admitted To Verbal Abuse Of Nursing Home Patients59%
Admitted To Physical Abuse Of Elderly Patients They Were Caring For8%
Admitted To Neglecting The Patients They Were Responsible For13%

What Can You Do To Fight These Terrible Injustices to Your Beloved Loved Ones?

The sad truth is that the only means you have to stop such neglect and, worse, outright abuse of your loved ones is to enforce legal action against such facilities and their greedy corporate owners. This is where a good abuse and neglect lawyer comes in handy. These tireless professionals are able to make possible your desire for justice and compensation due to your loved ones for their mental anguish and physical and emotional suffering. It is the sad truth that there will be no accountability enforced on these greedy facility owners until both financial and legal consequences are visited upon the malefactors. Because these attorneys know this all too well, they are the best and only legal recourse you have to obtain justice and stop the evil abuse of the defenseless and hapless elderly. Don’t confuse a nursing home abuse attorney with a general practice elder care attorney. Sometimes they can be interchangeable but often times you should find legal counsel that specializes in the area of law that you need help with.

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How do you Find the Best and Most Effective Convalescent Home Abuse Lawyer Possible?

The first step in finding the most effective neglect and abuse attorney to take your case lies in tracking down a lawyer in your immediate area who practices this type of malpractice law. It will be important as you interview such attorneys to find one with a specialization and great experience and preferably a solid track record in this particular area of abuse. These attorneys especially possess the wealth of knowledge as to how to help you navigate the Byzantine American legal system and to get the justice that your loved ones so deserve. Besides that, such an attorney greatly increases your odds of receiving a financial settlement.

Step two is to ensure that your specific convalescent home neglect and abuse attorney shows genuine sympathy for and interest in your case. You should feel utmost confidence in their ability to prosecute this case to the full extent of the law. This means that you should interview more than just one such nursing facility abuse and neglect lawyer, if at all possible. It is also very important that the attorney understands your particular case and agrees on your specific goals for the court process and case. Also, remember that a lawyer with an impressive track record of trial wins is worth his weight in gold. You should definitely pick one who can demonstrate a number of prior neglect and abuse cases victories.

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It is crucial not to become discouraged as you take the slow and winding path to the end result of justice for your loved ones. Negligent and abusive convalescent homes and assisted care facilities must change the ways that they operate. A good nursing home lawyer will ensure that these facilities are punished for their poor and inhuman practices.