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Jason Kennedy

Some Reasons Why You May Need An Attorney

Most senior citizens are like anyone else, they may not have total trust in an attorney and may often think that this profession makes the world a much harder place for everyone to get along in. However, there are several types of attorney’s and it is important that a senior works with an attorney at some point in their life. Most seniors are at the age that they are planning for their future. They want to ensure that they are not leaving their loved ones behind with a mess to deal with. This is where an attorney is going to be helpful.

Legal Estate Planning With Gavel

Planning the Will

A Will and Living Will are two documents that most seniors need to have on hand. This is especially important when they want to ensure that their family is not left with a huge burden when something happens to them. An attorney can take the wishes that the senior has and make sure that these are followed when the senior passes on. The attorney will be involved throughout the process to ensure that everything is followed just as the senior dictates it should go. In addition, this is a great way to give the senior peace of mind that they are doing everything they can do in order to make their passing as easy on their loved ones as possible.

Estate Planning

For seniors who have property, it is important to work with a real estate attorney to discuss options as to what they can do. Many seniors choose to sell their home now and move into apartment complexes designed for senior living. Other seniors choose to live in their home and only have this sold when they are unable to live here or when they die. This is an important aspect to consider for seniors who have several children in which the home will go to. Estate planning with an attorney can allow a senior to know that each child is getting their fair portion of the estate when they pass on.

Identity Theft and Fraud Graphic

Insurance Fraud or Identity Theft

Senior citizens are one of the groups that are targeted for insurance fraud and identity theft. When these types of events happen, many times the senior would benefit from talking with an attorney to discuss what the options are, as well as how to go about filing police claims and the like. In these types of situations, it can be easier on the senior to have someone else they can trust to handle this situation rather than dwelling on the details on their own.

Though having an attorney may be the last thing that a senior considers having. They need to realize, that there are times in which the expertise that an attorney offers is necessary in order to get through a situation. When choosing an attorney it is best to go with one in which you trust and are willing to work with. There are several choices when it comes to who to work with, but most importantly this person needs to have the senior’s best interest in mind when dealing with situations.