Finding Senior Care in Denver, ColoradoOlder individuals and senior citizens frequently require assistance with everyday tasks such as grocery shopping and preparing meals. An elderly individual’s family members might work full-time jobs while caring for children, making it impossible to provide adequate care. There are numerous options for excellent senior care at Denver facilities with expert staff such as registered nurses. A facility such as a nursing home is designed for an older person to live with safety features such as wheelchair ramps and handrails. Seniors might live in single rooms with private bathrooms or have small apartments with kitchens. Both apartments and single rooms typically have call buttons to alert 24-hour staff when there is a medical emergency.

Map of Denver Colorado

Safe Living Environments 

Assisted living facilities in Denver keep an elderly person busy with activities including crafts or exercise programs. Remaining mentally active is especially important for seniors with dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. Because of the significant increase in the elderly population in Denver, more seniors are diagnosed with memory loss conditions that require specialized care from qualified caregivers. To help elderly individuals maintain their brain functions longer memory care units in nursing homes are becoming a more popular living choice. Families can feel comfortable knowing that a parent or grandparent with memory loss is safe in a clean environment with compassionate caregivers nearby. A senior’s needs are taken care of round-the-clock by certified nursing assistants with specialized training in body care tasks including bathing and feeding.

How to Inspect a Nursing Home in Denver (and elsewhere)

Before moving to an assisted living facility in Denver, the senior and family should visit several locations in the city to make the best choice. Your inspection should begin in the parking lot by checking its cleanliness and lighting. To protect elderly clients, there should be security systems such as guards or camera systems. The interior of the building must look and smell clean as you enter the front door. When entering a building, an office worker is ready to greet you to provide information and a tour of the facilities. Nursing homes are busy places with many employees assisting the elderly tenants with various tasks. Despite the high activity level, everything should be organized and quiet. Also, it goes without saying that in Denver, Colorado it is often quite cold. For this reason you will want to inspect the home to ensure that the temperature is warm enough for your senior to be comfortable.

Home Care

Many senior citizens living in Denver prefer to remain in their own homes instead of moving to a facility. However, they require assistance with daily tasks including household chores or bathing. You can find professional agencies that screen and train private caregivers who will live in a home or visit a few hours a day. An agency will conduct a criminal background check on job applicants to ensure the safety of an elderly individual. The caregiver is trained in first aid procedures including cardiopulmonary resuscitation to assist a senior in an emergency. Because caring for an infirm adult is mentally and physically strenuous, an agency will conduct personality tests on potential caregivers.

Estimated Cost of Elder Care in Denver

Of course, many individuals want to know the basic cost of elderly care in private residences or assisted living facilities. The average price in the Denver area for either a nursing home or assisted living facility is $4000 per month. Receiving specialized care round-the-clock by trained staff such as registered nurses and certified nursing assistants is a major part of this expense. In addition, senior citizens are paying for the convenience of having nutritious meals prepared and served in the facility. Alternatively, the average cost of a professional caregiver in a private residence in Denver is $23 an hour. The cost for care of an elderly individual can vary depending on various factors including the geographic location and needs of the client.