If you are need assisted living in the Seattle area, and don’t quite know where to turn, hopefully we can shed some light on Seattle assisted living facilities that might fit your needs. If the time has come when you or a loved one are considering a move into an assisted living facility, then you probably have many questions about what to expect. Assisted living facilities in Seattle (and elsewhere) can vary greatly from one location to the next, so consideration of personal needs along with preferred amenities will be necessary in order to locate the home which suits you best.

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Assisted living facilities are frequently very flexible with the amount of assistance each guest receives. General help with housekeeping, meal preparation and travel to appointments are generally available for all. For those residents who need more assistance, that is also able to be arranged.

You can have help with dressing and daily hygiene needs. Medication reminders and full housekeeping and laundry services are also available. If mobility is an issue, finding a living facility which offers first floor apartments may be a preference. Travel to doctor appointments, reminders about taking medication and more are available as needed. There are even wings of some facilities which are referred to as “memory facilities” which can provide professional assistance for those residents with memory disorders.

In most assisted living facilities in Seattle you will be able to select between one bedroom and two bedroom units. Some facilities also offer efficiency apartment for affordability and ease of care. These are generally one room units with a private bathroom. Apartments come with a private bathroom and kitchenettes. The facilities generally have large dining and common areas and many have large rooms which can be reserved for private family gatherings.

Optional amenities can include arts and activity programs, fully stocked media rooms and libraries and scheduled outside activities with travel included. Some arrange for medical providers to attend the site, some offer barber shops and beauty salons on site. Most offer snacks and beverages whenever they are wanted. Some of the facilities have common kitchens which can be used by residents who love to cook or bake and cannot do so in their own small kitchenette.

There are many assisted living facilities within the city limits of Seattle. These offer many opportunities for dining and shopping within walking distance. If the hustle and noise of the city is something you wish to avoid, there are also homes outside the area which are still close enough to enjoy the city’s amenities but be more peaceful and relaxing.

Any reputable homes in Seattle will allow you to tour the facility. Many will welcome you in to spend a couple of hours, have lunch and see what the facility has to offer. The facilities are available in many styles and sizes. There are elegant brick buildings and rustic lake-side retreats. You can choose from tall condos within the city to single-floor living out in the suburbs.

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The costs of these facilities can vary a great deal depending on their location, apartment size and their amenities. They are not covered under Medicare and will generally have to be paid for by private pay. The prices range from as little as $2,000 each month all the way t0 $5,000 each month, or more.

The prices may seem high, but it is important to remember there is much included in with them. Electricity, basic phone service as well as cable and internet services. There are also meals, activities, some transportation and the assistance itself. Additional included amenities will also vary according to the policies at each facility. If you need assisted living facilities in or around Seattle, Washington, we hope this information has been helpful to you.