Independent living communities are home settings that are generally made available for active seniors. These types of communities differ in style from place to place, but most are characterized by the amenities and services that are made available on site. There are a great deal of benefits that can be made available to the residents of an independent living location. A little research and shopping around can do much towards helping seniors find an independent living arrangement that suitably meets all of their needs.

Woman pruning her flowers at an independent living community residence

There are several different styles of home setting that can be available depending on the preference and needs of those who are considering residency in one of these environments. Apartments, condominiums, and houses are among some of the options that are available at varying locations. The title of independent living community is accurately descriptive of the nature of these environments. They are residences that are located within communities of seniors or other qualified individuals who are able to adequately meet their own living needs.

Residents of an independent living community playing a game of chess and checkersWith that said, there are a number of services that are made available to the residents who choose to live in these settings. These can include transportation services, laundry services, recreational activities that are sponsored by the community, and any number of other services that a resident may desire. These services can be necessary, convenient, or even luxury in their scope and nature. The hallmark of most of these types of senior living arrangements is that the resident is truly an “independent” when it comes to care. Most residents enjoy interacting with other residents with games or other social activities.

Other common utilities that can be available in an independent living setting include easily accessible environments for people with disabilities, communication systems that can be used to contact emergency services, and even medical services from visiting professionals including medical doctors or optometrists. The services and utilities available are expansive and a potential resident will be able to find a community that offers what they need.

These are not places that are staffed by on call medical staff, nor are they places where a resident can expect to be assisted with basic living skills. These kinds of communities are for individuals who are active and who are expected to care for their own basic needs. The services and amenities offered are relative to perks for those who choose to live in a certain location.

Costs associated with independent living range from income based fees and up depending upon what a potential residents desires compared to what they are willing to pay.

Resident of an independent living facility on an afternoon walk

Maintenance and other kinds of upkeep are taken care of for residents of these locations. Independent living is typically the same as regular housing, but there are more services that are available in centralized locations. These places are mostly designed to be friendly to the needs of seniors, generally existing for retired individuals who are aged 55 years of age or older.

There are several different types of independent living communities that are available. The differences in services and amenities that are available varying communities are not what distinguishes the type of independent living community a person resides in. Such things simply distinguish what is available per community. The classification type of an independent living community is based on other kinds of criteria.

Most independent living facilities offer a host of different services that are part of their monthly fee. Here is a table with some examples of services offered:

Features Of An Independent LIving Community

What Are Some Services That Most Independent Living Facilities Have?Service:
Basic Housekeeping services
Private Rooms and Living Quarters
Yoga Classes
Social Groups
Fully Prepared and Nutritionally Balanced Meals
Grooming Services From Haircuts to Hair-Do's

The differences in the types of independent living settings that are available include subsidized housing, congregate housing, retirement communities, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRCs. The costs that are associated with independent living environments vary from place to place, as well as with the type of independent living category that a residence falls under. The services that are offered from place to place may or may not be reflected in the costs associated with particular living arrangements.

House with a HUD sign on it that is being sold through the Housing and Urban Development office of the U.S. GovernmentSubsidized housing options are available for seniors who have limited or fixed incomes that are more restrictive in scope. The costs that are associated with these types of living arrangements are subsidized by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD as it is more commonly known. The homes that fall under this category usually have lists that prospective residents must put their name on, and there is usually a waiting period before housing becomes available to people who are on the lists.

Congregate housing arrangements are more based on age requirements, and the communities that fall under this category usually consist of people who meet at least minimum age requirements. The cost of the perks that are associated with these locations are usually included in the rent that residents pay. The types of residences that are available under this category are usually apartments located in a central building or area.

Retirement communities are groups of homes that are occupied by residents who meet age requirements that vary depending upon the community. The types of homes that are available in these settings are also varied. Services in these locations are usually available for additional fees. In the end when you are trying to search for an independent living community you will find you have lots of options. You will want to visit several areas and decide which one is best for you, has the services you want, and has an affordable price point for your financial situation.